Sizegenix pills

I am no longer recommending Sizegenix pills. The reason is because SizeGenix makes several questionable or false claims on the website.

However, there is another product which i do recommend. It’s called VigRX Plus & it’s been an industry leader for years.


Sizegenix pills are male enhancement pills which increase sexual stamina, erectile function, and penis size. The ingredients are perfectly blended to help the customers and their needs.Sizegeinx pills are made by a company called ‘incredible health decisions’ and is sold online through various websites. Sizegenix pills are incorporated with rich quality herbal ingredients that are proven to improve sexual performance. The ingredients are obtained from supercritical extraction process of various herbs that make it immensely potent.

Advantages of sizegenix pills that promises more performance

  • Diverse formula with ingredients like L-Arginine AKG, Long Pepper, Cnidium Monnieri and of course the main ingredient Butea Superba

  • The ingredients used are all pharmaceutically graded, GMP certified and had no stimulants

  • Butea Superba helps to increase your sexual performance and cures erectile dysfunction. The phytoandrogen of high levels increase the muscle tone, strength, and energy of men

  • L-Arginine AKG is used in the purest and in the cleanest form

  • Improves sexual desire and your natural performance using Tongkat Ali 200:1 extract. It has compounds that stimulate libido, promote semen quality, and even support muscle growth.

  • Boosts the hardness of your erection

  • The Tribulus Terrestris extract enhances testosterone levels and increases sexual well-being and erectile function

  • L- carnitine increases sexual ability

  • 75.7 % increase of testosterone level in 12 days

  • Long pepper extract increases testosterone level in the entire body

  • It also contains extract of Avina Sativa, Muira puama and niacin which is a form of vitamin B3

  • Promotes forceful orgasms

  • Long-lasting erections

  • Enhances blood circulations in the penis

  • Maca root is clinically proven to increase sexual desire

  • The capillaries in the penis is expanded naturally and as a result, the penis is enlarged

  • Stimulates an increased production of semen

  • Healthy penis

  • Decreases body fat and increases lean muscle mass

  • Uses the higher grade of arginine available

  • Complete sexual satisfaction for you and your partner

  • Natural ingredients and is 100% safe

  • Clinically tested and proven to increase penis size by 31 %

  • Longer ejaculations

Why use sizegenix pills?

Sizegenix pills create a different method to deliver nitric oxide in surges and saturate your penis tissues at the optimal time. This widens the chamber of your penis and stimulates hyper growth. Sizegenix does not use any fillers and I fully made from natural ingredients. The ingredients used are considered as natural remedies for erectile dysfunction for over a long period of time. It is a legitimate product that can help you to maximize your sexual potential

How to use sizegenix pills?

Sizegenix bottles come with 60 pills per bottle and consumers are recommended to take two pills per day on an empty stomach preferably in the morning to maximize its effect. It takes 36 hours to see visible results in sexual performance. It takes 47 – 77 days to see increased penis size and girth so a lot of patience is required. It is a high-quality pill with clinically proven results and positive reviews. Sizegenix is an outstanding product with which you can achieve all of your male enhancement goals.

Head to Head Battle Between Sizegenix vs VigRX Plus