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So does penis enlargement medicine work? Yes and no. Yes because if you choose the correct brands and use a natural penile enlargement program you will see gains of up to 2 inches yearly. In fact almost all porn stars use a natural enhancement program in conjunction with tablets.

Also no because not all tablets are the same. If you buy pills from the wrong companies you run the risk of limited gains and even your health.

So which brands work?

Below is a link which directs you to pills which work. All these companies are reputable however some give better results than others although they are usually more expensive. It’s up to you which you prefer.

Are you saying the success of me increasing my size depends on taking these products?

No that is not true. You can still make significant gains just by using a natural program however taking these products will accelerate additional growth.

So what are these penile exercises?

They consist of jelqing, stretches and kegels. Most of the program will have slight variances of these main exercises. It is important you perform these actions correctly maintaining good form just like weightlifting in order to have great success. I remember doing kegels incorrectly and thinking this doesn’t work. As soon as I found out I was doing it wrong and correcting my mistake, my gains increased 3 fold.

So what is jelqing?

Jelqing is a form of milking action which stimulates your shaft. This action will increase your length as well as your girth. This is the main method used and is the most powerful technique. I suggest you watch videos of how this is done over and over again as well as read up on the technique.

What is stretches?

Stretches sounds like what it is. It is used to increase length by pulling on your head to lengthen your shaft. There are many variations of this such as stretching to the side. Essentially this is what gives you the additional inches.

What is a kegel?

A kegel is the contraction of the pubococcygeus muscle or pc muscle for short. This helps control the penis movement and can help drive more blood to the chambers of your manhood. This essentially means larger erections.

So how many inches have you gained?

Using penis enlargement medicine and the above techniques I have gained 2 inches in 1 year which gives me a grand total of 7 inches.

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